WWJW: Summer Wedding

Hi peeps, I am back with another post! I hope you have all been well!  Anyway, a quick rundown on what “WWJW” stands for.  “What would Jane wear” is a new series I want to start, where I’ll showcase 3 outfits I would rock in any social situation or centred around a trend. I may or may not have borrowed the idea from Jenn Im from You tube; it was a great idea and I love her!

In this post, I’ll be tackling summer weddings!

‘tis the season for many wedding bells! For the rest of you from other parts of the world who aren’t as lucky as I am, it is summer here in Australia. Having attended one recently, I think I have it in great authority (not really) to lend you all some inspiration.


Sunnies from LeSpec, Jumpsuit from Forever New, Bag from Furla & Shoes from Zara

Black + neutral tones.

This look is for all the girls out there who aren’t a fan of wearing colour. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear black at a wedding, as long as it’s chic. I opted for a frilly armed jump suit. It’s a lot more fun than an ordinary dress and it isn’t tied down by any heavy detailing. Since wearing black was already a statement, I paired it with a grey bag with gold detailing and nude toned lace ups to keep things light.


Sunnies from Calvin Klein, Top from Asos, Pants from Topshop & Shoes from Spurr

Sail away.

I could easily imagine myself wearing this to someone’s boat wedding, it’s so nautical! As some of you may know I am a huge fan of wide legged trousers. It would be unlike me not to include a look without them. Not only are they comfortable to wear, I think they elevate your outfit always. I love how the copper zip detailing match the top rim of my sunglasses, it just pulls everything together. I coupled this outfit with a pair of thick strapped nude heels to tie things together.


Dress from Topshop & bag from SABA


As of late, I have been seeing “Oriental” inspired prints come out in dresses and skirts. I’m all for it! I am just so in love with this dress. The cut of the sleeves is a fun twist on what I would consider an Asian inspired print. I actually wore this to my cousin’s wedding and had received a few compliments about it. I kept accessories and jewellery minimal to avoid clashing. I paired the dress with a leather crossbody bag with a metal ring detail and wore strappy black heels.

I hope you have gathered some wedding inspiration, let me know what outfits I should put together next!



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