WWJW: Summer Wedding


Hi peeps, I am back with another post! I hope you have all been well!  Anyway, a quick rundown on what “WWJW” stands for.  “What would Jane wear” is a new series I want to start, where I’ll showcase 3 outfits I would rock in any social situation or centred around a trend. I may or may not have borrowed the idea from Jenn Im from You tube; it was a great idea and I love her!

In this post, I’ll be tackling summer weddings!

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My First Blog Post

Hello, as the title suggests; this is my first blog post. I have always wanted to have some sort of place to post my thoughts about fashion or document my life. I have thought about starting a YouTube channel, but I am far too camera shy for it. So here it is; I have finally taken the plunge. I sit at my well lit desk, on the cusp of new years eve contemplating my 2017, and the possibilities of 2018.

Stay tuned for more content soon.