Things I’ll be bringing with me into 2019

Salutations all! I am still in disbelief that we are in 2019, time flies. I’ll be discussing things I’ve enjoyed during December last year. I think it’s due since the last time I posted about favourites was a hot minute, and yes I do realise I’ve already broken one of my new year’s resolutions. Which was to post 2 posts a month on this blog. But hey, change takes time.

Anyway, let’s get into it.

Book: – ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ –  Oscar Wilde

I’ve since started reading books again, for leisure for the first time in years! The only reading I’ve done in recent years was textbooks which really dried up my desire to pick up a book. I felt like I needed a getaway from my dull train rides to work, so I picked this beauty up from the book store. It’s an easy read and I got sucked into it really fast. I really like a book that is set in a far away time because it’s truly an ‘escape’ from reality.

It is super ‘flowery’ language-wise. I understand that it’s a philosophical novel, but there are conversations that are had that aren’t necessary to the plot and doesn’t show anything new about the character that wasn’t established earlier in the novel. I think that’s my only qualm with it.

The low-down:

It’s about the story of a man who gains a new understanding of the belief that the only things worth having in life are beauty and sensual fulfilment. Makes a pact to stay youthful and live a life of pleasure and sin. But at what cost? The novel explores all the sins that no one would ever have the courage to commit, and what happens to man’s soul when no consequences result in it.

I’ve also seen the movie, but I think the book’s a lot better.

Documentary: – ‘Icarus’ 

I watched this documentary after one of my coworkers recommended it to me. I’ve been slowly getting into documentaries lately, but this has been my favourite recently. It’s an interesting watch and there’s a major twist in the plot that’s very unexpected. I was surprised I hadn’t seen it earlier, because it had won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

The low-down:
It’s about doping in cycling. Bryan Fogel’s a filmmaker and an amateur cyclist who trains for the ‘Haute Route’. When unhappy with where he sits in the rankings and with his desire to reach the “next level” he embarks on a quest to find a way to take performance-enhancing drugs to avoid detection. He comes into contact with Dr. Grigory Rodchnkov, who is a director at Russia’s anti-doping laboratory. And they soon start a routine to prepare for the next race.

I think the message that really resonated with me, and what Bryan emphasised in his speech at the Oscars was the importance of telling the truth, no matter what.

Small Kriss Bag – See By Chloe, Square rib tank – Glassons, Animal Print Dress – Cue

These three things have been my favourite items to rock this summer. I’ve been wearing them non-stop, and have been the only main things I’ve been reaching for. It’s just so “carefree summer”, no bras and only carrying the essentials! It’s something I’ve been loving lately.

Here are some looks from my Instagram!

Honourable Mentions

1. ‘Sarita’ Scarf from Morgan & Taylor

2. White linen shirt from Uniqlo

3. ‘Naughty N’ Spice’ Matte All Over Face Color Blush & Bronze from Nudies

4. ‘Wannabae’ sunglasses from Le Specs

5. Rita Resin Drop earrings from BaubleBar

6. Rosehip oil from Swisse

7.  Earrings from Pigeonhole

8.  Super Stay Matte Ink in the colour ‘Seductress’ No. 65 from Maybelline

9. ‘The Upper Eastside’ in black and silver from Rosefield

10. ‘Campus’ in ‘Raw Green’ from Adidas

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you’ve found it useful and able to take something from it. Tar tar for now!


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