Earrings: I finally got my ears pierced!

I am the biggest wimp, probably known to man! I had waited 22 years to finally get them pierced. In a year full of firsts, this was something I had planned to get done for a while.

Well, first of all, when my sister got hers pierced when she was young they messed it up the first time. I was probably 8 or 9 I think. Traumatized, the only thing I can remember from that experience was a lot of screaming and crying and blood. I remember it trickling down her ear. How could they have gotten it so wrong? A bunch of stunned pharmacists hurried in a flurry, they came swamping in, trying to calm her down by offering her sweets and tissues! But it wouldn’t do. She was in pain! And all I could think about was, “That could’ve been me!”.
So ever since then, I’ve been far too scared to take the plunge.

During the mid-semester break, I did it. I broke my piercing virginity.

It was still warm. It was summery still. We were blessed with wonderful weather that day. Finally all out again and on our way to an Escape Room. My friend and I were talking about tattoos. She was planning to get another, and I was thinking about getting my first one.

“You know you should try and get your ears pierced, before even considering a tattoo”, she remarked.

“Yeah, I know. I’m just scared of the pain, you know I was traumatised by my sister’s experience, right?”, I replied, bashfully.

After miserably failing the Escape Room, only finding out we were 2 puzzles away from finishing the room, we headed to lunch. Off to Hardware Lane we romped.
Whilst we were eating, the subject of my earringless ears had come up again, this time with the others as well.

Long story short, I was pretty much passively peer-pressured to get those holes in my ears. I mean I am grateful, but I wasn’t at that moment. After lunch, we made the short walk to Hair House Warehouse.

It was time and I was nervous.

“So how’s your pain threshold? It won’t hurt, it’ll just be a pinch.”, she said.

“I am the biggest wimp ever.”, I said, laughing nervously.

My heart was beating right out of my chest. I could feel the blood running from my head. I was tense, I was contemplating, I was ready to chicken out.

“Was I going to faint? Was I going to bleed myself to death? Will I die of an infection? I think I’m ready to die. I have done enough in my life up until this point, I think I’m ready to die. I think I’m ready, I’ve reached my peak anyway. So it’s fine.”, I quietly thought to myself.

Dramatic? Perhaps. But who would I be if I wasn’t?

It was done.
My ears were pulsating. Imagine the exaggerated throbbing a cartoon character appears to have when say, hitting their nose against a door. That’s how it felt.

A few months on, I feel great about them. I thought I would feel a gaping hole in my ears, maybe enough for the wind to fly through. But no, I don’t even feel them there, unless I try to finesse a turtleneck over or under my head.

I haven’t really removed the studs that I got with the piercing. I’m kind of worried about that now. Maybe I’ll wait another decade before I change up my earrings?

On another note, I hope to post more frequently on here. Especially since I got a recent makeover on my blog, courtesy of gurupress. They were super patient with me and extra helpful, so check them out!

It’s great to be back! I hope you are all doing well, see you all soon.



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  1. Henry
    May 28, 2018 / 10:42 pm

    Can’t wait to read more! Welcome back, the earrings look awesome 😀

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