Going Blonde: Part 2

Hi all, here’s my long overdue post about my hair! I wanted to write a detailed experience about the aftercare and maintenance since my first post.

I went back for a second session to tone my hair again, to get it to an ashier blonde. Borderline silver and ash was the goal. Thank goodness this appointment didn’t take 5 hours this time!
After 3 weeks after my initially bleaching and colouring, my hair had faded back to an undesirable yellow blonde. You can see it on my Instagram, a post in early February, here.
I am not against it, but I think I looked my best in more cooler tones and it really brings out my skin tone. Plus I am very nit picky too, so there’s that.

I know what you’re thinking before I posted this, have a look. There is a difference! This a comparison between my first and my second appointment. There is a difference. Check out my last post about my hair here.

Things I’ve learnt so far, as a first-time ash blondie:

  1. You should not wash your hair for at least 3 days after getting your toned and coloured. You need to let the colour ‘marinate’ into your hair. I didn’t know that the first time and that would explain how fast it became yellow.
  2. I used the wrong shampoo for my colour. I used the John Frieda ‘Sheer Blonde’ range. It was a big mistake, it turned my hair more golden that I wanted! I didn’t even realise there were different types of shampoos for different types of blondes.

    This. Is. A. Miracle.

  3. Aside from the last point, since my second appointment, I discovered my miracle shampoo! The Provoke ‘Touch of Silver’ Brightening shampoo was unbelievable! It’s kept my hair so cool, silvery and bright this past month. It is so, so potent!
    Although there will be an inevitable need to return to your salon for a toning session, it’s helped me maintain it. I’ve since bought the other shampoos and conditioners in this range to keep things ashy.
  4. Don’t wash your hair as often! (I used to wash my hair every second day, but now I wash it 3 days a week most of the time. Maybe even twice!) Dry shampoo is the key to success!
  5. Your hair will always smell very chemically. I’m pretty sad about this fact, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make!

I’m due to go back for a touch up soon.

It’s been a stressful few weeks so far, so I’m sorry for not posting for the past month.
Hopefully this was able to help anyone out there who is a fellow newbie!

Tar Tar for now!

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  1. Henry Ip
    March 17, 2018 / 6:10 am

    Awesome update! Thanks for the tips on the shampoo and keeping us updated on your hair progress! Its looking amazing so far Jane 😃😗

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