Going Blonde: Part 1

Yes, I know it’s been 2 weeks since the year started, and I haven’t posted anything on here since the very end of last year. Please forgive me and my procrastination. Anyway, let’s get on with the post.

In all honesty I have always wanted to go blonde, ever since high school. In my opinion, someone’s attractiveness goes up by 4 points when they go blonde. I have a current best friend who went blonde a while ago, and I was quietly envious of her. She looked great! Ever since then, I have been even more set on going blonde. It should be mentioned that there were a few things that were holding me back; issues that you too should consider before taking the plunge. My concerns were: the possible damage to my hair; the time and cost of getting it done and the maintenance. My visions and desires of having blonde hair far outweighed any negatives, and I thought “Why not?”.

I decided to pick Sui at Melbourne Central to pop my hair dye virginity. Sui being a Korean run hair salon, I’d assumed that they had a greater understanding of Asian hair. News flash! Asian hair needs to be treated a lot differently from Caucasian hair, since it tends to be alot finer. Also, their Instagram looked amazing (you can check it out here) , so I believed I had made the right decision.

It was Saturday, and at 2pm I had started the process. I chose not to go fully blonde from the roots down, but opted for a balayage. It was a more “natural” look, as natural as an Asian with blonde hair can look. It is important to note, that you should bring in a photo for your hair stylist’s reference. It helped me explain what I wanted alot clearer.


View from the back

After discussing different tones and shades of blonde; and agreeing to the shade of hair I wanted to get, the bleaching began. Let me be clear, you will need to attend more than one appointment to obtain your dream shade of blonde. I must go in for another appointment in two weeks, to get  my hair toned to the desired ash blonde shade. i.e. I had to go silver before I could go ash.

Let me be honest, I was horrified when I had my hair bleached the third time. By the end of it, it was a sticky, tangled, clumpy, white-yellow, hay looking mess. I panicked a little inside thinking that I was going to walk out with damaged hair, regretting my choice of even thinking  about making this decision. But alas, I should have trusted my stylist. After I went to get my hair conditioned; toned and coloured; and then shampooed and toned again, it was fine. My hair was not as soft as it was before, but it was not damaged or brittle either.

The entire process took 5 hours, bleaching, toning and colouring. I was exhausted by the end of it, wishing that I had brought snacks and a book to read to relieve me from boredom.

The total cost for my first appointment was $287, the total breakdown was:

Bleaching: 3 x $65 – they had to bleach my hair 3 times to get it to an ideal shade where they could colour it the right cool under tone for the ash blonde I wanted. $130 was the original cost for a balayage, and the prices varied depending on what type of bleaching method you opted for.

Toning: $80 – they toned my hair to make sure there was no yellow tones left in my hair after the second and third time bleaching.

The remaining $12 was for the colouring, it wasn’t very clear.

I was fortunate that I had booked when the salon had a 50% off promotion for bleaching. It would have normally cost me, (3 x $130) $390, which was the largest cost of the process. The promotion is still currently running. So, if you’re seriously considering going blonde now, I don’t see why you shouldn’t!



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